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Nov 24, 2023

15 Best Bridal Shower Signs

Get inspired by these charming décor pieces. Photo by Karena Dixon Photography A

Get inspired by these charming décor pieces.

Photo by Karena Dixon Photography

A bridal shower is a noteworthy day dedicated to celebrating the bride and the bride only, so you’ll need a lot of beautiful decorations to help the event come to life. Whether you’re hosting a boozy backyard brunch or a garden tea party, signage is a must-have item to put on display. From welcome signs to seating charts, these elements reinforce the aesthetic, personalize the event, and relay important information, like the wedding date or the couple's social-media hashtag. You can either hire a professional to design your bridal shower signs, or save some money and create your own.

The options for bridal shower signs are limitless. You can stick with mounting a poster on a traditional stand, such as a frame or easel, or switch things up by placing text on a mirror or flower-wall display. You also have the opportunity to play with different wording and styles, such as the classic "Bride to Be" in calligraphy or something more playful in retro block letters. For decorations, accentuate your sign with flowers for a garden theme or pampas grass for earthy bohemian aesthetics.

Want to learn more creative ways to include signage at this pre-wedding celebration? Ahead, see 15 beautiful bridal shower sign ideas for any affair.

Photo by Abby Jiu Photography

If you’re throwing a garden party bridal shower, including blooms in your day-of signage is essential. For events in the spring or summer, choose seasonal varieties, such as hydrangea, roses, and delphinium, in bright hues. This lush sign uses buds to draw attention to the bride-to-be's name, while more flowers frame the setup from above. Gold butterflies are another organic motif that will indicate your theme and location.

Photo by Mekina Saylor Weddings

An ornate framed mirror bearing beautiful penmanship will instantly elevate your celebration. This bridal shower welcome sign, featuring an arched gold mount inscribed with white calligraphy, is a suitable choice for glamorous or vintage functions. If you’d prefer designing your own signage, you can easily choose your favorite mirror and write the details yourself.

Photo by Keri Calabrese Photography

You’ll probably have a seating chart or place cards to direct your guests to their assigned tables or seats, but if you want to set the future bride's special spot apart, mark it with striking signage. The words, "Bride to Be," will get your point across, while decorations, such as pink satin ribbon, strands of eucalyptus, and pink roses, will add some flair. To make sure your sign pops, choose neutral chairs, like these metallic chiavari ones.

Photo by Katelyn James Photography

While paper signs always get the job done, a banner is a creative way to present information about the bridal shower. A sign splattered with polka dots featuring a notched bottom edge is the perfect backdrop to animate fun wording, like "The Future Mrs. James." Complete your setup with colorful balloons and flowers to really wow your guests.

Photo by Alexa Lynn Photography

At a lemon-themed bridal shower, you and your guests will be transported to the Amalfi Coast with the décor. For a warm welcome, install a sign decorated with lemons and blue tiles that is reminiscent of the Italian coastal town, like this piece of art from Revelry Co. Presenting real lemons and fresh herbs beside your display is an apt way to amplify the aesthetic.

Photo by Karena Dixon Photography

Looking for another atypical medium? Consider exhibiting your sign on an eye-catching flower wall. This pink rose display was a gorgeous backdrop for a neon sign to light up a Maryland bridal shower. We love this option for backyard bridal showers with garden aesthetics or tea party themes.

Photo by Keri Calabrese Photography

Balloons aren't just a popular birthday party decoration. These multi-color decorations are making their way into the wedding world, too. For a one-of-a-kind installation that makes a statement, decorate your event with a cluster of inflated balloons in different colors, shapes, and sizes. Since this oversized display brimming with peach, pink, and white shades is the focal point of this bridal shower sign, stick with gold lettering for your text to avoid overshadowing the main moment.

Photo by Rebecca Yale Photography

The transparent material lucite is one of the most versatile options for signage. Communicating important information on a blank surface will add a contemporary edge to a function, but painting a watercolor background on top of the plexiglass will create another layer of visual interest. Choose white script against a colorful backdrop, so the details will be more noticeable to your guests.

Photo by Brogen Jessup

For a unique twist on your bridal shower sign, welcome guests to your event by giving them a simple instruction: "Have fun, okay?" Quirky block letters on a neon orange sign with a squiggly edge are fitting for eclectic and retro celebrations. Trim the setup with purple flowers by the base and a garland of orange blooms across the top for a whimsical touch.

Photo by Linda Tran Photography

If you’re throwing an outdoor event, suspend your sign from a wall of greenery. The hedge will blend seamlessly into the environment, letting the words, such as "Bride to Be," stand out. This design by Lavish Moments Co. includes pink balloons as a border for the cheerful phrase.

Photo by Alexa Lynn Photography

Are you hosting a bridal shower with a bohemian theme? Embellishing your sign with pampas grass will evoke the effortless, earthy look that epitomizes this style. Here, an understated white sign from ColoreoCreative displayed on a wooden easel is paired with the tan dried plant, baby's breath, and pink roses, as arranged by Blue Jasmine Floral.

Photo by Hunter Photographic

To reserve the bride-to-be's seats, add a paper scroll with the word "Bride" on the back of a chair. The thick paper radiates a vintage vibe, which is augmented by antique vases and lace linens.

Photo by Alexandra Moss

Instead of fresh flowers, consider painting florals on your welcome sign for garden bridal showers. If your event takes place outdoors, real buds might droop without consistent water. With illustrated blooms, you’ll channel the same lush look without worrying about wilting.

Photo by Mary Dougherty

Bridal showers are definitely an opportunity to celebrate the bride, but they’re also an excuse to take pictures. So, why not create a DIY photo booth? With a photo frame sign, everyone will be even more excited to document the moment. Consider adding floral drawings for spring or summer events, and include a hashtag to encourage loved ones to post their images on social media.

Photo by Karina Pires Photography

Bridal shower signage presents countless opportunities to experiment with color, but using a single hue makes a big impact. This sign that is calligraphed and decorated in the same shade of pink looks clean and sophisticated in front of a backyard setting. Station the sign on a lucite stand, so the monochromatic hue will be the star of the show.